Climate action for Aotearoa

Closed 28 Mar 2021

Opened 1 Feb 2021

Published responses

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We are consulting with you on the Climate Change Commission's first package of advice to government to help Aotearoa transition to a thriving, climate-resilient and low emissions future. 

Why your views matter

For our advice to government to be relevant, usable and realistic, we need to hear from all New Zealanders first about what they think.

We are committed to a fair and equitable transition that ensures a thriving, climate-resilient Aotearoa for current and future generations. We take a wide systems view so we understand what our advice means for our people, our environment, our land and our economy. Because of this, it is important that our draft advice is informed by a range of different perspectives from across Aotearoa.

The consultation period allows us to test our analysis with a range of stakeholders, including the public, and fully understand the impact of our advice before submitting our report to the Government. Gathering a wide range of perspectives through consultation is also a legislative requirement.

What happens next

We will be reviewing and considering every piece of feedback we receive, and using it, where appropriate, to adjust and refine our advice to government.  

Following consultation, and our review of the feedback, we will publish on this website what you told us and how we used your feedback in shaping our advice.