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Welcome to the Climate Change Commission's consultation website. 

Our current consultation runs from 1 February - 28 March 2021. You can give us your submission via our survey on this website.

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Consultation information

What our consultation is about

This consultation is on our first package of advice to government to help Aotearoa transition to a climate-resilient and low emissions future. The best way to provide your submission to us is to complete the survey on this website.

What our package of advice to government covers:

  • the proposed first three emissions budgets and guidance on the first emissions reduction plan, advising the Government on how the emissions budgets could be met
  • whether our first Nationally Determined Contribution is compatible with  contributing to the global efforts  to limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels
  • advice on what potential reductions in biogenic methane might be needed in the future.

Written submissions

The survey on this website is the main way for providing your submission and is our preferred way of receiving it. There is also an option at the beginning of the survey to upload a copy of your submission if you would prefer a different format. However if you would like to provide a submission by mail you can do so by writing to:

Attn: Submissions analysis team

Climate Change Commission

PO Box 24448

Wellington 6142 


Presenting final advice to the Government 

After considering all the feedback and making appropriate changes to our material, we will present our final advice to the Government in May 2021. The Government then has until 31 December 2021 to respond. 

Closed consultations

  • Climate action for Aotearoa

    We are consulting with you on the Climate Change Commission's first package of advice to government to help Aotearoa transition to a thriving, climate-resilient and low emissions future. More

    Closed 28 March 2021