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We provide independent, evidence-based advice on climate change issues to Aotearoa New Zealand's government of the day. We use this website to hear views from all New Zealanders, so that we can reflect them in our advice. Read more about this site

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We consult with the public regularly. It's important that our work is informed by perspective and evidence from across Aotearoa New Zealand.

On this page you'll find information about our current, upcoming and previous consultations.You can also find detailed information about our upcoming work on our website.

Closed consultations

  • Call for evidence: Emissions reduction targets and emissions budgets

    We are calling for evidence on Aotearoa New Zealand's emissions reduction targets and emissions budgets. Submissions to this call for evidence will contribute to three areas of work that are currently underway: preparing advice for the fourth emissions budget period (2036-2040), and ...

    Closed 31 July 2023

  • Consultation: Draft advice on the second emissions reduction plan (2026-2030)

    Between 26 April and 20 June 2023, we asked for public feedback on our 2023 Draft advice to inform the strategic direction of the Government’s second emissions reduction plan. Our final advice is due to be delivered to the Minister of Climate Change by 31 December 2023. More information is...

    Closed 20 June 2023

  • Climate action for Aotearoa

    We are consulting with you on the Climate Change Commission's first package of advice to government to help Aotearoa transition to a thriving, climate-resilient and low emissions future.

    Closed 28 March 2021

We asked, you said, we did

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We asked

In 2021, we asked for your input into the Climate Change Commission's first package of advice to government to help Aotearoa transition to a thriving, climate-resilient and low emissions future. We prepared draft advice for public consultation, and asked for your feedback.

Read the draft advice and related documents on our website.

You said

We received more than 15,000 submissions from around the country, including Iwi/ Māori, stakeholders, and organisations. 
We met kanohi kitea with Iwi/Māori where possible and engaged online where not. We ran a targeted consultation survey for Iwi/Māori to identify broad issues that Iwi/Māori would consider to be most significant.  
We heard from rangatahi/young people through our collaboration with The Hive, a programme that uses social media to encourage young people to have their say on public policy.  

Submissions received during consultation on our draft advice that had consent to be published are available on our website.

We did

Our final advice, Ināia tonu nei, was delivered to the Minister of Climate Change and then tabled in Parliament in June 2021.

In delivering this advice, we believe we presented ambitious and achievable paths that Aotearoa can take to meet its climate targets and contribute to global efforts to address climate change.

It is now over to Government to decide whether to accept the advice, and to show how it will shape climate action in Aotearoa. The Government has until 31 December 2021 to set the first three emissions budgets out to 2035 and release the country’s first emissions reduction plan detailing the policies it will use to achieve the budgets.